ReCharge & ChargedUp Workshops


ReCharge Workshop

The overwhelming success of the Preamble Institute (Pi) in the past decade made it clear that the Fraternity needed to evaluate our programming and create a way to engage more of our undergraduate members, all year round. In 2015 the final product was created, the ReCharge Workshop. It is the second version of a local values-based workshop from the CFO, the first version was called a “mini-pi” after the Preamble Institute. The goal of the workshop is to identify and connect to the values of Theta Delta Chi and see how we can practice and live those values. We do this through facilitated conversation, exploring the words of our founders, and practicing our Ritual. The workshop has been used to address a variety of membership and Charge issues. We have looked at issues of risk management, recruitment, retention, and member accountability with the overarching question of how do our actions align with the values of the organization, and if they do not align what changes do we need to make.

The ReCharge offers an opportunity for every member of a Charge to increase their association with Theta Delta Chi, implement values-based best practices, and link our Ritual with Charge behaviors.

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ChargedUp Workshop

The turnover in membership and loss of institutional knowledge is a key issue facing our Charges today. As a result, many Charges lack a coherent long-term strategy to ensure their future success. The CFO, in its commitment to improve our undergraduate experience, saw a need to create the ChargedUp Workshop.

The ChargedUp workshop is a program that the Central Fraternity Office has implemented to assist Charges’ in constructing a long-term vision for their respective Charge. These workshops concentrate primarily on strategic goal setting for individual Charges. The CFO, local alumni, and the Charge memberships start by establishing a best-case vision for their Charge. Afterwards they list goals on how to achieve that scenario. By the end, each Charge will have identified 3-5 goals to concentrate on throughout the next year. The goal of the workshop is to create a comprehensive plan the Charge can follow to achieve their goals. This provides our undergraduates with a roadmap for their Charge’s future that all the brothers have agreed upon.

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