Starting A Colony

Starting a new Charge of Theta Delta Chi is not an easy task, but can be most rewarding. You will embark on a mission that will improve upon your character, responsibility, and perseverance in every possible way. Furthermore, you will soon understand the rewards and benefits of the fraternal bonds of Brotherhood.

First, you will need to work towards being recognized as a Colony of Theta Delta Chi. This involves compiling a roster of membership, a letter of intent and other preliminary organizational development. Once your letter of intent and other basic aspects of your infrastructure have been completed, you will be invited to petition to become the newest Colony of Theta Delta Chi. Once a petition is accepted your group is then viewed as a Colony of Theta Delta Chi International Fraternity and allowed to use our name and wear our letters.

After this process, Chartering as a full and active Charge should not be far away as long as the progress of your Colony is satisfactory and the members are willing to make their commitment for their initiation fees. The minimum requirements for Chartering as well as a detailed process for becoming recognized as a Colony can be found in our expansion booklet.

In most cases, a colony is started by an interest group of students that approaches Theta Delta Chi. However, Theta Delta Chi will also expand upon inquiry from a host institution. Traditionally, we will only colonize at first-rate institutions and we only expand when we can utilize our resources on a campus. Both practices are to ensure that our Colonies have the best chance of becoming a successful Charge.

If you would like to take the next step and receive a copy of our expansion booklet please contact our Director of Expansion at 1-800-999-1847 x2.

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