Pay Fees


Looking to pay service fees, initiation fees, or Convention fees? The preferred payment portal is Tagged officers can view and pay all invoiced Charge fees on the site. New members can access their initiation fee invoice once an officer has used the transition member tool to confirm which names will be initiated. Insurance is still invoiced directly by Holmes Murphy. Have invoice questions? Or need help with logging in to Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Initiation Fees


Student Name:
An initiation fee is required under Article V, Section 1 of the By-Laws to be paid in full by all new members BEFORE they are initiated. The $384 fee is a one-time charge necessary to be initiated into the Fraternity and also guarantees you a lifetime subscription to the Shield.

Bulk Initiation Fee Payment (for Charge Treasurers)



Unsure of how much to pay?

If you were initiating 5 new members, you would multiply 5 by $384.00, and enter the result ($1,920.00) in the amount box on the next screen.

Service Fees


Each Charge is responsible to pay an annual service fee of $120.00 per undergraduate member. (NOTE: There is no “inactive” status. If a member is enrolled as an undergraduate, he is considered active and on the Charge roster. Those studying abroad are exempt from the service fee while abroad). The service fee is payable in two installments, one due October 15th and the other due February 15th. To determine the amount your Charge owes in either the fall or the spring, simply refer to the invoice that was sent to the Charge president.


Invoiced Charge Convention Fees



This is for invoiced charge delegates only.

Making a Late Payment? Pay Here.


Chartered Alumni Association/House Corporation Fee


Each chartered alumni association or house corporation is responsible for paying an annual fee of $25.00.


Insurance Fees

Insurance is a vital safeguard that every Charge must have. Theta Delta Chi uses one insurance agent, Holmes Murphy, for all of the Charges. Unlike service and initiation fees, the annual insurance fee is paid straight to Holmes Murphy and NOT to the Central Fraternity Office. Willis will provide you with an invoice detailing the amount to be paid and where to send the payment.




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