Important Dates for CFO Correspondence

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Due: Date:

Spring Semester

Charge Roster January 15th
Philanthropy Report January 31st
President’s State of the Charge Letter January 31st
Service Fees & Convention Fees February 15th
Convention Delegate Registration May 1st 
Initiation Fees (prior to Initiation or May 15th, whichever comes first) May 15th
President’s State of the Charge Letter May 15th
Philanthropy Report May 15th
Convention Fees Price Increase (invoiced on Feb. 15th) June 1st
Scholarship Applications June 15th

Fall Semester

Charge Roster September 15th
Convention Travel Reimbursement Form (reimbursement sent Oct. 15th) September 15th
Service Fees October 15th
Insurance Payment (early payment due Oct. 15th for 10% rebate) November 1st
Preamble Institute Registration November 15th
Initiation Fees (prior to Initiation or Dec. 15th, whichever comes first) December 15th

Other Important Information:

New Member Forms are due within one week start of the new member education program.
Officer Transition Forms are due one week after elections have taken place.
Alumni Newsletters are required to be sent at least twice per year.