Officer Manuals


Congratulations on receiving one of the highest honors our beloved fraternity can bestow on a Brother. The position of President of a Charge of Theta Delta Chi is not one to be taken lightly. View


The Vice-President is second in command. If the President is absent or unable to perform his duties, then the Vice-President must take charge. Because of this potentially critical responsibility, the Vice-President must be prepared to step in at any time to take over the Charge. View


The Treasurer is often a member of the Executive Committee and is responsible for the finances of the Charge. Therefore he must be part of every financial decision made by the Charge. Click the icon to download the Treasurer Manual. View

Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary has a unique and important role to play within the Charge. He has taken on the role as a leader within the fraternity. As a leader he should seek to represent the values of the fraternity at all times while working with other brothers to also live our values. View


For several years, Autism Speaks had been considered as Theta Delta Chi’s “unofficial national philanthropy.” Several Charges supported Autism Speaks either by raising money or promoting awareness but there was no national network to bring it all together. This changed at a live meeting in November of 2011, when the 135th Grand Lodge voted unanimously to make Autism Speaks, Theta Delta Chi’s official national philanthropy. View