Founders' Corporation

Chartered by the 62nd Convention of 1910, the Theta Delta Chi Founders’ Corporation was organized under the laws of the State of New York on April 13, 1912. Its purpose was the holding and administration of an endowment for the Fraternity. The Founders’ Corporation succeeded the earlier Association of Theta Delta Chi, organized in 1901, but lacking safeguards thought necessary.

The function of The Founders’ Corporation is to make investments in bonds, securities, mutual funds and other investments. Income derived from investments is turned over to the Grand Lodge to assist in its annual operating budget, and is a major factor in allowing the Grand Lodge to provide extensive services to the Charges while holding undergraduate dues to a minimum.

In 2005, the Partridge Trust matured and brought a substantial donation to the Founders’ Corporation allowing dividends to be rolled out quarterly to assist with the growing cost of Grand Lodge operations. Olcott Partridge, Iota Deuteron (Williams) 1894 left a small trust to be released twenty years after the death of the last initiated brother of Iota Deuteron who was a member of the fraternity at the time of Partridge’s suicide.

Any member of Theta Delta Chi may become a life member of the corporation by paying to the Treasurer the sum of $250.

Membership is documented by issuing a numbered certificate of membership. The Founders' Corporation provides an excellent way for alumni to remain involved in the operations of the Fraternity, especially by being elected by the stockholders as a Governor.

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