Preamble Institute

The Preamble Institute (Pi) provides undergraduate leaders within Theta Delta Chi the unique opportunity to work with other undergraduate leaders from Charges across North America during an intense two days of training and educational sessions. Pi gives participants a setting to define and improve leadership skills, to fully understand Theta Delta Chi values and ritual, and to develop values-based plans of action for their Charges. Attending brothers leave PI with a stronger commitment to Theta Delta Chi and a strong network of fraternal peers to aid them in the future.

The history of the formation of the Preamble Institute stems from the dissolution of Regions and Regional Conventions in 2005. The 130th Grand Lodge led by PGL Bob LoParo Alpha '87 and newly elected GSGL Adam McCready Chi Deuteron '02, who had recently finished serving Minerva three years as a Charge Consultant, came to the decision to nurture the undergraduates' leadership growth through a centralized leadership conference.

piWith a smaller International Organization and the quality and attendance of regional conferences having fallen off, the decision was made to abolish regions and unify the entire fraternity under the auspices of a one region brotherhood. With this came the problem of how to properly educate our membership on current issues and provide the proper leadership training necessary to enrich one's Charge. Thus came the decision for the first ever Preamble Institute, Theta Delta Chi's inaugural undergraduate leadership conference.

Each year one member from each Charge is invited to spend the weekend with facilitators and other undergraduate leaders within Theta Delta Chi and experience brotherhood in a new light. Brother McCready has worked tirelessly to develop the curriculum in what is an enriching and eye opening experience. Each member makes a deep connection to our fraternal values and networks with other up-and-coming leaders from Charges around the United States and Canada. The experiences gained empower young Theta Delts to make a difference in their Charge, their Greek Community, and throughout their lives.

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