The Central Fraternity Office

The Central Fraternity Office is the administrative heart of Theta Delta Chi. It is the principal workplace for the fraternity staff, it houses the Archives of the Fraternity and it serves as the center of all International Fraternity activities, including a wide range of publications, the annual VG Dues Fund Campaign, and a calendar of fraternal activities.

The CFO was started in New York City in 1918 at the first Theta Delta Chi Club by James M. Chandler, Eta 1908 (Bowdoin). Following the Club, the CFO moved to the old Rho Deuteron House (Columbia) at W. 113th Street from 1924 until 1933. The Club died in 1933 and the CFO functioned just as an office in plain quarters on Park Avenue South, until superior rooms were taken in the Biltmore Hotel in 1965. In 1971 it moved to 135 Bay State Road in Boston, Massachusetts, and in 2000 to 214 Lewis Wharf on the Boston waterfront.

The Executive Director, the Systems Administrator, and the Charge Consultants (Director of Charge Operations, Director of Expansion, and Director of Charge Development) are the primary employees of the Fraternity. The Executive Director and Systems Administrator are employed by the Educational Foundation and the Charge Consultants by the Grand Lodge. The Executive Director's work consists primarily of overseeing the Educational Foundation's initiatives and managing the business affairs of the Grand Lodge and its affiliate, the Founders' Corporation. The Systems Administrator and several part-time interns assist in the day-to-day operations. The Charge Consultants, who are official representatives of the PGL, handle administrative Grand Lodge matters, Charge development and expansion, and undergraduate affairs generally.

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