Derek M. Clune Says Goodbye

Derek Clune

July 2017



As the academic year comes to end so does my tenure with the Central Fraternity Office. After great contemplation, I have decided to pursue other career prospects. It has been an honor to serve the Old Lady in the capacity of Charge Consultant the last two years. This has been an opportunity that I will never forget./p>

During my tenure and throughout my travels, I learned a significant amount about myself and our beloved organization. The best part of working for this organization was to see, firsthand, the fraternal bonds that we are cultivating across North America. We should all be proud to be members of Theta Delta Chi. We are truly creating a unique student experience that is unmatched in University life today; being a small, intimate, diverse brotherhood focused on scholarship, leadership, and a responsible social life.

I am proud of the success of the CFO’s ReCharge and ChargedUp workshops, the continued growth of the Preamble Institute, the implementation of our programming standards, our increased collaboration with the host institutions we are a part of, and the overall growth of our membership. However, I am most proud of working alongside individual Charge leaders to help them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. In this endeavor, I have made lifelong friendships something I believe our Founders would appreciate.

The CFO has been working on multiple initiatives and the future holds many exciting things to come. I can only hope that I have given back a fraction of the amount that this organization has provided me with.

In closing I leave you with the words of Alpha Brother Hon. D. N. Lockwood ’65:

I was about to say this, that as the affairs of the world are moving rapidly, that as the times and conditions are being changed… in college life, there is one principle, and only one, that seems to be preserved for the young men and the old men of this age and generation… Thank kind Providence each night that you have been permitted to enter that temple where friendship greets you upon the right and the left and binds you closer together than brothers of blood. Stand by that principle and you will not only make your lives greater and more useful, but you will add another star and still another life to the beauties and the grandeur of that fraternity whose semi-centennial we celebrate tonight, the Theta Delta Chi. (Bro. Lockwood A’65, 1898)


Derek M. Clune, Theta Triton ‘14

Charge Consultant

2017 Travel



I am gearing up to get back on the road and am set to visit a whopping 25 Charges this semester! Continuing my second year on staff, I am excited to see old friends and meet new Charge brothers. The CFO has developed more resources and has created Charge specific resources to help guide our groups to success. Some of these include academic and recruitment plans, increase philanthropic/service support, and templates to tackle general Charge operations. Below is my travel schedule for the semester. I look forward to seeing all of you Theta Delts out there.

  • Iota Triton, U-Mass Dartmouth – February 2nd to February 4th (Derek)
  • Theta Deuteron, MIT – February 6th to February 8th (Derek)
  • Tau Tetraton, Johnson & Wales – February 9th (Derek)
  • Psi Tetraton, University of Arizona – February 10th to February 13th (CFO Staff)
  • Epsilon Triton, Arizona State University – February 14th to February 16th (Derek)
  • Psi Deuteron, UCLA – February 17th to February 20th (Derek)
  • Eta Deuteron, Stanford – February 20th to February 22nd (Derek)
  • Delta Deuteron, UC Berkeley – February 23rd to 25th (Derek)
  • Xi Deuteron, University of Washington – February 25th to February 27th (Derek)
  • Alpha, Union College – February 28th to March 2nd (Derek)
  • Xi Triton, University at Albany – March 5th to March 6th (Derek)
  • Tau Triton, Marist College – March 6th to March 8th (Derek)
  • Lambda Triton, Rutgers – March 8th to March 10th (Derek)
  • Sigma Triton, Penn State – March 13th to March 15th (Derek)
  • Beta, Cornell – March 16th to March 18th (Derek)
  • Theta Triton, SUNY Binghamton – March 19th to March 21st (Derek)
  • Xi, Hobart – March 22nd to March 24th (Derek)
  • Gamma Deuteron, University of Michigan – March 25th to March 28th (Derek)
  • Gamma Triton, Michigan State – March 29th to March 31st (Derek)
  • Sigma Deuteron, UW-Madison – April 3rd to April 5th (Derek)
  • Beta Deuteron, Iowa State – April 6th to April 8th (Derek)
  • Upsilon Deuteron, Wabash College – April 10th to April 12th (Derek)
  • Lambda Deuteron, University of Toronto – April 18th to April 20th (Derek)
  • Omicron Deuteron, Dartmouth College – April 24th to April 26th (Derek)
  • Kappa, Tufts – April 27th to April 29th (Derek)

    The following charge visits are to be determined:

  • Rho Proteron, University of South Carolina – TBD (John)
  • Nu Triton, Virginia Tech – TBD (John)
  • Nu, UVA – TBD (John)
  • Mu Triton, UNCG – TBD (John)

In the Bonds,
Derek M. Clune Theta Triton ‘14

The End of the Begining


January 2016

It’s hard to believe my first semester as a Charge Consultant has already come and gone. What a ride it’s been! It is difficult to describe how fortunate I feel to have a job where I am able to travel the country and meet hundreds of brothers in our fraternity. Each time I leave a Charge it amazes me how easy it is to make a connection with my fellow Theta Delts. One of the many benefits of our fraternity is that it is a small and intimate brotherhood. It is easy to make a connection with brothers from across the country. If you have not gotten the opportunity yet, I encourage you to visit other Charges to experience our brotherhood from a different perspective. I believe every member should take advantage of this unique aspect of Theta Delta Chi.

This past semester has me very excited about the ReCharge and ChargeUp workshops facilitated by the CFO. These four-hour workshops concentrate on our fraternity’s values and setting positive goals for your Charge. I am pleased to report that these workshops are truly having a profound impact on our brotherhood. If you are a brother looking to reignite that missing spark in your Charge, please contact the CFO about setting up a workshop. Demand for these services is increasing quickly, so the sooner you contact us, the better.

To all the Charges that I have visited so far: thank you for your hospitality. I am truly honored to have worked with all of you and I am thankful for all that you have taught me about being a better Theta Delt. I look forward to seeing you again and finding out how you have all endeavored to improve and reform your Charges since my last visit. Preamble is fast approaching and I hope to see some familiar faces there!

Until next time,
Quincy Gottwig, Sigma Deuteron ‘15
Charge Consultant


Greetings Brothers,

As the end of the semester falls upon us, I hope everyone did well on their final exams and are enjoying their winter breaks. For the CFO staff, this time of year is filled with development and planning for our 10th annual Preamble Institute. I look forward to meeting more brothers and seeing familiar faces.

When reflecting on my travels this semester, I am filled with pride. Every Charge that I visited is on the path to success. While some Charges need more work than others, it is great to see every brother embodying the value to endeavor to improve and reform. Furthermore, I was impressed with the comradery and closeness of each of our Charges. I want to personally thank all of the brothers from my travels for your hospitality and efforts to make Theta Delta Chi better.

I will be traveling around the Northeast and Midwest next semester. I look forward to traveling to new places and meeting all of the brothers along the way.

Derek Clune, Theta Triton ‘14
Charge Consultant

Consultant Says Goodbye


Quincy Gottwig

After visiting 26 Charges throughout the past 8 months, my travels as Charge Consultant are soon coming to an end. I have learned a lot about myself and Theta Delta Chi this year and I am excited to see what the future holds for our organization. After much thought and consideration, I have decided that I will not be taking on the role of Charge Consultant for a second year in order begin my career in the field of sustainability. The Grand Lodge and CFO are currently accepting applications for this open position and I encourage recent graduates who are looking to gain entry-level experience to apply. In the position you learn invaluable consulting, administrative, and program management skills that can be applied to many professions. Not only can you gain professional experience, but you can do so while getting paid to travel across the country. There is no better way to give back to the fraternity that has provided us with so much. Being a Charge Consultant is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and I hope to see young and dedicated leaders within our organization pursue this position.

I would like to once again thank all the Charges for making this such a worthwhile experience. Your hospitality and hard work are the main reason that I was able to be successful in this role. I hope that our new consultants can build off our current relationships and that we can continue with our plans to improve your individual Charges.

If you are interested in learning more about the Charge Consultant position please feel free to contact me!

Quincy Gottwig, Sigma Deuteron ‘15
Charge Consultant

2015 Charge Consultant Travel Schedule


September 2015

Greetings Brothers,

This is an exciting time for many of our Charges! The academic year is starting up and many groups are recruiting the future members of our organization. We look forward to meeting the future of Theta Delta Chi, don’t forget to reach out to your Charges and fellow Theta Delts and wish them the best of luck. Also don’t forget to check out the scheduled alumni events for this fall, email Eric Kelley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info. If we cross paths with any Theta Delts please contact us so we can meet. Both Charge consultants would be delighted to meet as many Brothers as possible during our travels. Look forward to meeting everyone and working closely with our Charges, see you on the road!

Here is the current visitation schedule for the two Charge consultants:

    • Theta Triton, SUNY Binghamton - 08/30 - 09/03 - Quincy
    • Xi, Hobart, 09/08 - 09/10 - Quincy
    • Rho Proteron, University of South Carolina - 9/10 – 9/13 - Derek
    • Beta, Cornell - 09/11 - 09/14 - Quincy
    • Mu Triton, UNCG – 9/13 – 9/17 - Derek
    • Theta Deuteron, MIT - 09/16 – 09/18 - Quincy
    • Nu Triton, Virginia Tech – 9/17 – 9/22 - Derek
    • Nu, UVA – 9/23 – 9/27 - Derek
    • Delta Deuteron, UC Berkeley - 09/26 - 09/29 - Quincy
    • Sigma Triton, Penn State - 9/27 – 10/2 – Derek
    • Lambda Triton, Rutgers – 10/2 – 10/5 - Derek
    • Tau Triton, Marist College – 10/5 – 10/8 - Derek
    • Alpha, Union College – 10/12 – 10/16 - Derek
    • Sigma Deuteron, UW-Madison - 10/15 – 10/20 - Quincy
    • Xi Triton, University at Albany – 10/16 – 10/19 - Derek
    • Lambda Deuteron, University of Toronto – 10/21 – 10/25 - Derek
    • Omicron Deuteron, Dartmouth College – 10/29 – 11/1 - Derek
    • Rho Triton Founder’s Day, VCU - 11/06 – 11/08 - CFO Staff
    • Psi Deuteron, UCLA – 11/13 – 11/16 - Derek
    • Eta Deuteron, Stanford –11/16 – 11/19 - Derek
    • Xi Deuteron, University of Washington – 11/19 – 11/23 - Derek

The following charge visits are to be determined:

  • Beta Deuteron, Iowa State - Quincy
  • Gamma Triton, Michigan State - Quincy
  • Gamma Deuteron, University of Michigan - Quincy
  • Upsilon Deuteron, Wabash College - Quincy
  • Kappa, Tufts - Quincy
  • Iota Triton, U-Mass Dartmouth - Quincy
  • Zeta, Brown - Quincy
  • Tau Tetraton, Johnson & Wales - Quincy

As I get ready to set out on my two month journey, I am exhilarated for the opportunity to meet brothers across the country and Canada. I will start my travels at the Rho Proteron Charge at the University of South Carolina on September 10th. I will then work my way up the east coast before I fly to Canada and out to the west coast. Let’s have a great year! To the old Lady!

Derek Clune Theta Triton ‘14
Charge Consultant

After having attended this year’s convention, I’m more excited than ever to be getting out on the road to work with the Charges. Below you can find my travel schedule for this semester. If you are an alumni living in the area of these Charges, please drop me a line, I would love to get together with you. Here’s to a great semester and the start of a new adventure!

Quincy Gottwig Sigma Deuteron ‘15
Charge Consultant

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