Founders' Day Festivities

Six men came together 175 years ago to start a social experiment that we continue to engage in today. Our Founders spoke of continual improvement, mutual esteem, dependence, and a commitment to one another. Every year, in October, culminating on the 31st, The Educational Foundation of Theta Delta Chi celebrates the commitment of our Alumni, Undergraduates, and donors with a month-long fundraising campaign called the Founders’ Day(s) of Giving.

Please visit our Founders' Day of Giving website for all the info, including donation links! Another way to participate in honoring our founders is to recite and reflect on their words, the Preamble of our Constitution. Please join other Theta Delts as we recite and reflect on the Preamble during one of four Zoom calls. As in years past, we will assemble via Zoom at 18:47 military time in your local time zone. After the Preamble, we will unite in our Social joys! Share your challenge progress, ask any questions you have, meet staff, fellow alumni, and more! All members are welcome.

The Zoom links are below:

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