173rd Convention Recap

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173rd Convention Recap

The Theta Delta Chi Fraternity met for its 173rd annual convention on July 29th until August 1st to conduct the business of the alumni and the Charges. Because of travel and other restrictions caused by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the convention originally set to be at Beta Charge in Ithaca, New York was held virtually using video conferencing technology. E-Conventioneers registered remotely, signed into the assigned websites, and were then able to attend board meetings, two General Business Sessions, five Minerva Sessions, and a closing Awards Ceremony. Social interaction was also possible through the use of breakout sessions, general informal discussions and online gaming.

The 173rd Convention was scheduled to be held at Cornell University and home of the Beta Charge. Beta was chartered on January 11th, 1870, and this year celebrated 150 years of continual existence. In a belated celebration of Beta’s longevity and robust history, the 174th convention of Theta Delta Chi will take place in Ithaca, exact dates to be announced.

The Convention activities started on Wednesday, July 29th with a virtual Opening Reception. Fortunately, most all of the Brothers were familiar with conferencing technology from Zoom having used this methodology to conduct business or personal meetings during this time of limited personal contact. The festivities were conducted without any major technical difficulty and had the advantage of allowing Brothers from great distances to attend without the accompanying travel expense. With this year’s success, the future use of conferencing technology at annual conventions will be examined as a possible way to broaden brotherhood participation.

Minerva Sessions

The 173rd Convention consisted of five amazing Minerva Sessions over the course of the week. The first Minerva Session: Confronting the Idiot in Your Charge was presented by TJ Sullivan. TJ to date has spoken to over 3-million students at more than 2,000 colleges across the United States. He is the author of “Motivating the Middle: Fighting Apathy in College Student Organizations” which is currently being utilized in over 100 college leadership courses. His session discussed that within Greek community we often allow our Brothers to risk their own health, safety, relationships, or grades with idiot behavior. We are afraid to confront this behavior because we fear losing a friend, losing respect, or being judged. During TJ’s session, attendees learned why it is important we reform these behaviors and techniques to help confront and manage these behaviors. For more information about TJ or to follow up about his session please visit:

TJ Sullivan

The second Minerva Session: Men: Work in Progress was presented by professional speaker, author, and coach James Robilotta. James’s session focused on how and why men make a conscious effort to improve. Seeing as how it is “the most binding duty of man to improve,” this Minerva Session tied directly into one of Theta Delta Chi’s key beliefs. James pushed attendees to be vulnerable and consider times when they picked being “cool” over being “good.” James discussed how Brotherhood will either help or hurt our progress of improvement, and either push us to act “cool” or encourage us to act “good.” For more information about James or to follow up about his session please visit:

James Robilotta
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JamesTRobo on IG and FB
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The third Minerva Session: The Pressures of Manhood was presented by our very own Theta Delt Brother, Dr. Adam M. McCready, Chi Deuteron ‘02, 62nd PGL. McCready shared his research and other studies surrounding the masculine norm climates of college social fraternities. McCready’s session built upon the ongoing Minerva theme of identifying and challenging barriers within the Fraternal community. Through his discussion and presentation, he provided attendees with the analytical skills and data needed to identify these masculine barriers or trends within their Charges or communities. Attendees left the session having gained knowledge and strategies to help promote a healthy and inclusive climate within their communities. For more information about Dr.McCready or to follow up about his session please visit:


Dr. Adam McCready Chi Deuteron ’02, 62nd PGL
Instagram: @AMMcCready
Twitter: @AMMcCready

The fourth Minerva Session: Managing Crisis in Your Charge was presented by Holmes Murphy Educational Consultant Bobbi Larsen. Bobbi is a familiar face to the Minerva program roster, having presented at several past Conventions. Bobbi’s session was centered around Crisis Management, where she shared best practices and resources to help attendees properly prepare for crises within their Charge. Bobbi covered many different crisis scenarios ranging from alcohol consumption to hazing, to COVID-19, and many more. Crises and risk issues are sometimes inevitable within a college community; attendees walked away from Bobbi’s session with a better understanding of how they could better prepare for and manage crisis situations when they occur, and also what steps Charge’s can take to lower the chance of crisis situations. For more information about Bobbi or to follow up about her session please visit:

Bobbi Larsen
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Holmes Murphy Crisis Management Plan
Event in the Time of COVID
Information on the HM Event Planner App

The fifth and final Minerva Session: Brothers are Different than Buddies was presented by Woody Woodcock. Woody is the VP of Phired Up, an organizational growth company that provides educational training, strategic consulting, and technical solutions surrounding Fraternity and Sorority recruitment. Woody’s session shared the importance of and how to recruit based on values. During this session, attendees learned recruitment strategies and objectives that will assist them in securing new member candidates that will improve the intellectual, moral, and social climate of the Charge. Woody helped attendees identify how Brothers uphold values and promote progress within their Charge, and the difference between a Charge full of Brothers and a Charge full of Buddies.

For more information about Woody or to follow up about his session please visit:

Woody Woodcock
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Recruitment Is Cancelled Now What?
How to Select High Quality PNM's-

Business Sessions

The 144th Grand Lodge

At the 173rd Convention there were four positions up for election: the Graduate Treasurer, one Executive Member position, and both Undergraduate Member at Large Positions. We would like to welcome the 144th Grand Lodge!

  • President of the Grand Lodge: Jim Leuck, Upsilon Deuteron ‘09, 67th PGL
  • Graduate Treasurer: James Ambrose, Tau Triton ‘18
  • Graduate Secretary: Stephan Johnson, Gamma Triton ‘93
  • Executive Member: Ian Karls, Sigma Deuteron ‘17
  • Executive Member: Adam Marks, Nu Deuteron ‘99
  • Undergraduate members at Large: Johannes Alvarez-Rivero, Psi Tetraton ‘22 & Alec Avitia, Beta Deuteron ‘21

We would also like to thank the 143rd Grand Lodge for their hard work and contributions this past year.

  • President of the Grand Lodge: Jim Leuck, Upsilon Deuteron ‘09, 67th PGL
  • Graduate Treasurer: Quincy Gottwig, Sigma Deuteron ‘15
  • Graduate Secretary: Stephan Johnson, Gamma Triton ‘93
  • Executive Member: IIan Karls, Sigma Deuteron ‘17
  • Executive Member: Adam Marks, Nu Deuteron ‘99
  • Undergraduate members at Large:
  • Manuel Edward Valdez, Mu Triton ‘21 & Ateka Gichana, Nu Triton ‘22

Awards Presentation

This year we were able to recognize many amazing groups and individuals for their contributions to Theta Delta Chi.

  • Graduate Attendance Trophy- Mu Triton (University of North Carolina- Greensboro)
  • Charles P. Schmid Loyalty Cup (Highest Number of Donors) - Gamma Deuteron (University of Michigan)
  • Charles P. Schmid Loyalty Cup (Highest Percentage of Donors) - Upsilon Deuteron (Wabash College)
  • Bruce R. Trefz Service and Philanthropy Cup- Psi Tetraton (University of Arizona)
  • Guy C. Pierce Improvement Cup- Psi Tetraton (University of Arizona)
  • Ritual Improvement Cup- Omicron Deuteron (Dartmouth College)
  • President’s Cup- Xi Deuteron (University of Washington)
  • Undergraduate of the Year – Peter Dranow, Alpha ‘21
  • Alumnus of the Year – Peter LeBlanc, Psi Tetraton ‘19
  • Theta Delt of the Year- John Lowry, Theta Triton ‘13
  • Victory Cup – Alpha (Union College)
To watch the full Awards and Scholarships Presentation click here:


This year the Educational Foundation was able to award 8 scholarships to some very well-deserving recipients.

Davenport Foundation Scholarship ($4000):

  • Alec Avitia, Beta Deuteron ‘21
  • Cade Johnson, Psi Tetraton ‘22
  • Peter Dranow, Alpha ‘21
  • Josh Shrestha, Alpha ‘21

General ‘1847’ Award ($1847):

  • Sebastian Rawls-Driver, Psi Tetraton ‘22
  • Jake Hooper, Nu Triton ‘21
  • Manuel Edward Valdez, Mu Triton ‘21

William L. Porter Scholarship ($1000):

  • Aditya Sai, Xi Deuteron ‘22

Education Foundation scholarships are made possible by generous donations made to the Theta Delta Chi Educational Foundation. To learn more click here.

Stay Connected

We loved connecting with so many of our Brothers during the 173rd Convention, and it does not have to stop there, connect further using the platforms listed below:

Ambition in Motion:

Last year the Central Fraternity Office partnered with Ambition in Motion (AIM), a mentorship program aimed at the professional development of collegiate scholars. In a time where COVID-19 causes us to be separated physically, AIM provides a great way to connect and network with others virtually. AIM connects undergraduate Theta Delta Chi Brothers with alumni Theta Delta Chi mentors from across the nation.

The free mentorship program is a 12-week program where undergraduate members will have the opportunity to receive mentorship from an alumnus. Mentors and mentees will be matched based on career interest, educational background, location and work orientation. The program provides a multitude of different learning styles including online workshops, mentor-mentee meetings and group meetings. It is our hope that through this mentorship program, both alumni and undergraduates will be able to help improve each other intellectually, morally and socially.

For more information or to sign up for the program please click here

See you next year!

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