Julian Weller, Charge Consultant

Julian Weller

July 2019


ake a Name For Yourself.

It brings me great joy and excitement to serve our brothers old and new, as the recently hired Charge Consultant. I look forward to forming stronger friendships and new memories with all whom I meet during my travels. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) as I would love to get to know more brothers outside of my scheduled visits. Theta Delta Chi has provided me with some of my best friends, unforgettable memories and invaluable lessons. My experiences have inspired me to pursue the position of Charge Consultant and be an active force in helping drive our beloved fraternity to continuous prosperity.

I remember my first month at the University of North Carolina - Greensboro, I was so hesitant to leave my dorm room to go anywhere besides class. I had come from a small town where all the kids go to the same school from kindergarten to High School; all my friends I had known since a young age. I had found myself my college campus wanting to make new friends but unable to find the courage to do so. I spent my first month of college lonely and wishing that I had never came. And here I am, about to travel to many more colleges as the Charge Consultant for Theta Delta Chi, and I am the furthest thing from hesitant. I am overcome with excitement to serve the "Old Lady" in this position, to attempt to repay her for all that she has given me. What exactly did she give me?

As an 18-year-old kid, terrified of being away from home; I found it challenging to make friends. What could she have given me to produce such a drastic change? She gave me a voice, a voice I used to make new friends, a voice I used to inspire others, a voice I used to make an impact on my community, a voice that I used to motivate myself to be the best version of me that I could be. Now in this position I want to use this gift to help our Charges but more importantly my brothers find their gift.

So how did this lonely kid in search of friends become someone qualified to be a Charge Consultant. Well in the Fall of 2015, I engaged in two conversations that would turn out lead me down this road. The first was with Austin Gardener MT '17, an upperclassman from my hometown. He recognized me from our small diverse town and had approached me to invite me meet his fraternity brothers. This creative, fun and engaging group of people welcomed me into their house and in a matter of minutes a complete strangers turned into friends. For the first time in my college experience I felt like I belonged.

Then I meet Charge Consultant Derek Clune, who was on a Charge visit assisting with recruitment. He talked to me about Theta Delta Chi, how they were a small intimate brotherhood, that focused on endeavors to improve and reform. This resonated with me, the friendship I was looking and the friendship that he described to me were one in the same. Bro. Clune explained the way Theta Delts support one another and I realized I wanted to be apart of that support. I knew I belonged, and that I needed to surround myself with people that would inspire each other to be great.

The support I received in joining the Theta Delt House help me pushed past many barriers. I began to not only work harder for myself but for my brothers I want to help our fraternity to be the best it could be, because it helped me find a version of myself that I never knew existed. I began a leader, not just in my fraternity but in my community. If I saw an opportunity for growth, I took it, this ranged from fraternal positions, to volunteer opportunities, to campus leadership involvement. Before I realized it, I became a campus tour guide, then Charge President, and continued on to be UNCG Interfraternity Council President and Grand Lodge for our International Fraternity.

Reflecting back again, I was just a young man, too afraid to leave his dorm room to make friends, who now uses his voice to make an impact on many different channels. The force that allowed me to succeed came from the support of my brothers. They believed in me, but more importantly taught me to believe in myself.

As I gained different leadership positions in Greek Life I became passionate about the development of our collegiate community. In this consultant role I aim to help Charges realize goals or passions that they may not even realize they have, as well as assist in any current goals or passions that they are already in pursuit of. Serving the Fraternity as a Charge President and Undergraduate Member on the Grand Lodge has helped me understand the resources and services available to help our Charges and how they may be applied differently to help each Charge. Every Charge is unique there is no one-size fits all recipe for success, my goal as Charge Consultant is to arm each Charge and member with the specific tools, they need to be successful.

I hope to gain a new perspective and learn from each of my visits and I'm looking forward to meeting many brothers in my travels and hearing the stories you and your Charge have to share. I am grateful to be able to experience and learn from the lessons provided by the brothers of each Charge. When I come, I will challenge you to break down barriers and become vulnerable. I will challenge you to become inspired past your imagination. I will challenge you to make a name for yourself. As I challenge you, you will challenge me. Together, we can all create a meaningful impact, grow ourselves and leave our mark on the world as Theta Delts. After all, we are the road less traveled by, and in the end that is what makes all the difference.

Julian L. Weller, Mu Triton '19

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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