Dr. Richard E. Wood, Educational Consultant

Dr. Wood

April 2019


eing a Theta Delta is forever, and when the "Old Lady" calls to ask for your service it is hard to say no. However, I was still surprised when I was asked to serve as an Educational Consultant for the Fraternity and to travel to five of our Charges in order to facilitate workshops and conduct ROVs (Record of Visitation).

I have been a brother at the Gamma Triton Charge since 1973 and have remained engaged with the Fraternity at the International level since 1989 when I attended my first convention in Richmond, Virginia. Among the positions I have held for Theta Delta Chi are Charge Alumni Advisor, Secretary of the Educational Foundation, Secretary and President of the Grand Lodge, Executive Director and, facilitator for the Preamble Institute.

The Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam War informed my collegiate and fraternity experience and is very different than most of our current undergraduates. I cannot presume to understand all of the stresses of collegiate life today; however, I am well aware of the mission and values of our beloved Fraternity and how those ideals can serve as a guide for our everyday actions.

The values of our Fraternity served me well in my personal and professional life. I was an educator 13 years before becoming a principal of three different schools for an additional 14 years. Afterwards, I worked at as the Director of Instructional Technology for a major school district outside the City of Detroit. In order to improve my academic being during this time, I also completed my Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership. I subsequently became an adjunct faculty for Oakland University in Michigan.

Seeing the impact that I could have within my previous roles, I decided to start my own educational consulting company. I travelled around the nation as a turn- around specialist for failing schools. During my journey, I had the pleasure of writing several articles on the subject for professional publication. After 13 years of running my own company, I closed up shop and served the Fraternity as its Executive Director.

I look forward to traveling to Mu Triton, Rho Proteron, Nu, Nu Triton and Rho Triton very soon. I met many great brothers from those Charges recently at the Preamble Institute and look forward to "renewing our social joys." Because of them, am encouraged about the continued success of our beloved Fraternity.

As I travel to your Charge, I would encourage anyone interested in serving as a Charge Consultant to meet with me and discuss this wonderful opportunity. You will be able to develop and practice many skills employers are looking for in new hires. Many of these skills are "soft" while others are workplace ready. Please contact me in advance and we can discuss this great opportunity.

Dr. Richard E. Wood, Gamma Triton '73, 64th PGL, Former Executive Director

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