Brian Bertges, Sigma Triton ‘00, Executive Director


I am excited to serve in my new capacity as the Executive Director of the Educational Foundation. For those who know me from my PGL days, or even our days at Penn State, I will bring the same excitement and fervor to this position as I had then. I will strive every day to fulfill the oath that I took during my initiation as I live the values of our beloved Fraternity.

Here is a little bit about me and what I want to do:

I served four years in the United States Army as a medic before attending Penn State. I was very active as an undergrad, culminating in my tenure as President of the Interfraternity Council.

After graduation, I taught for four years in Teach For America in the Bronx, NY and in Prince George County, MD. I subsequently did research and policy work for the American Legion National Headquarters, before working at the University of Maryland, serving and supporting a community of over 2,000 student veterans and their families.

I have an amazing wife, Mariví, and two amazing future Theta Delts, Caleb (4) and Jacob (1). I look forward to introducing Mariví and the boys to all of my brothers. They have no idea of the size of our entire family.

This new opportunity will be a challenging, but rewarding shift for us. It will bring great changes in my family’s life.

At the Central Fraternity Office, I will be inquisitive. In a world where answers are at your fingertips, it becomes increasingly important to ask the right questions.

My hope is that these queries will serve to create a common vision for all members. In essence, we should be looking at things with a “vu déjà”. By that reversed wording, I mean we should step back, and look at what we do as if we never did it before. We will take a fresh look to make sure our work is relevant, important, and not just an automatic continuation of something from the past. Acquiring this mindset will not be simple; it will be difficult and rewarding.

I want to hear the voices of all stakeholders: undergraduates, alumni, our families, the academic institutions, and any other external partners. Every voice matters. Please know, first and foremost, that I am here to learn as I work on my endeavors to improve and reform. I bring experience that will directly translate into a point of view that will drive Theta Delta Chi to thrive. At the same time, I know there are traditions, fiscal responsibilities, and our mission to be maintained.

If you have something you think we should do, tell me. If you like certain things that we offer, let me know. If you just want to renew in union our social joys, all the merrier. I look forward to listening to your stories and ideas.

In the Bonds,
Brian Bertges
Sigma Triton ‘00

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