A Note From Derek M. Clune

Derek Clune at the CFODerek Clune Doing Research in the CFO Library

July 2015


reetings Brothers,

I am one of the two new traveling Charge Consultants. I graduated from Binghamton University and double majored in PPL (Politics, Philosophy, and Law) and History. I was president of the Theta Triton Charge and was the Undergraduate Secretary of the Grand Lodge. I have always identified with Theta Delta Chi’s collective values; as a result they have had a strong impact on my life. The devotion across the organization to our standard of excellence is why we are so successful. I have personally become a better man as a direct result of my participation in our beloved fraternity. My Charge constantly challenged me to develop socially and scholastically. Gaining so much from the organization has driven me to give back and to continue our success. Therefore, I am elated to continue my service to the Old Lady through the Charge Consultant position. I am extremely excited to get on the road and to see all of our Charges. Also I cannot wait to establish new friendships with brothers across the country. I look forward to working with all of our brothers to guarantee our goals are met. I will be around at the Chicago Convention, please come up and introduce yourself. See you in Chicago or on the road!


Derek M. Clune

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