As The Summer Ends


he summer is coming to a close, Convention has come and gone, and for the traveling Consultants of Theta Delta Chi, the fall means it’s time to hit the road. As an organization, we have seen some recent changes in staff and the look of our office. As we transition into these changes we are confident and excited to continue supporting our Charges and directing our manpower towards new and growing goals. Former Executive Director Dr. William McClung, Iota Deuteron ’66 has retired after over a decade of service to the Fraternity. Taking over as Executive Director is Dr. Richard Wood, Gamma Triton ’73 who has years of experience serving the Fraternity through positions held on both the Grand Lodge and the Educational Foundation. Kevin Hahn, Delta Deuteron ’12 has closed out his year as a traveling consultant. He will be returning home to California but his dedication and knowledge of the Fraternity will still be a resource as he has been elected to serve as one of the Executive Members of the Grand Lodge for the coming two years. The traveling staff of the organization will consist of John Lowry, Theta Triton ’13 and Mike Houlihan Sigma Triton ’09. For John, this will be his second year as a traveling Charge Consultant. For Mike, this will be his fifth year on staff. In the past, Mike has worked out of the Central Fraternity Office as Director of Charge Operations but this year he will take on the additional role of a traveling Charge Consultant.

From John Lowry:

John at the 167th ConventionJohn at the 167th Convention


have been very happy with the support we have given to our Charges this past year, and look forward to the new structure of our office and the potential it has. With a Grand Lodge that is dedicated to a strategic yet aggressive vision for the future our staff especially consultants have their work cut out for them. This year’s Convention had four Grand Lodge positions up for grabs, the board was able to maintain consistency yet bring in some new strong voices. Over the past year the Grand Lodge and CFO have collectively created a lot of tangible resources for expansion and have discussed what this procedure is going to look like on the ground. With the stability of our Charges and operations at a high point it seems important that we take advantage of expansion opportunities. Discussions in the office have looked at taking our big picture goals and making them achievable on the timelines given by host institutions. As a staff we are proactively looking at expansion, while we are aware of many recolonizations we are always looking for new opportunities. If anyone has friends, brothers, or family at an institution where Theta Delta Chi is currently not represented that would be a strong host institution feel free to reach out to any of our staff. While the staff is changing it is comprised of dedicated brothers who have a strong foundation in Theta Delta Chi, the transition period and learning curve for the unique position of Charge Consultant has been eliminated. To not bore everyone reading this, assuming they haven’t stopped reading already I will move on to some of the more exciting things. The 167th Convention in New York City was a spectacular one, being from New York City I was able to connect with Theta Delts across in the country in my favorite place. For those who have been to a Convention before they continue to be an annual gathering time to reflect on one’s participation in our beloved organization, and for those who can say the 167th Convention is their first I’m sure will never forget it. The 168th Convention will be in Chicago, it will also be my fifth consecutive Convention which I am proud to claim. I am truly looking forward to the vision and future of Theta Delta Chi; I can say that we are the point where change and growth are an achievable priority. I look forward to updating everyone about life on the road, as well as new developments in Theta Delta Chi.

John Lowry
Theta Triton ’13 (Binghamton University)
Charge Consultant (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

From Mike Houlihan:

Rae, Becca and MikeRae, Becca and Mike


oming to a city near you! I am very excited to begin my journey as a traveling Charge Consultant for Theta Delta Chi. During the past four years I worked out of the Central Fraternity Office in Boston, MA. I would only get to travel for events such as the Preamble Institute and Convention. I was always jealous of the traveling consultants upon hearing about their adventures on the road and the great experiences they had at our Charge houses throughout the United States and Canada. I had always wanted to travel for the fraternity but did not think it could work out because I was entering my late twenties and pursuing a law degree. However, a homecoming visit to Penn State with some of my Charge brothers revealed to me that traveling for the fraternity could become a reality. In the Fall of 2013, Eric Kelley ΣΤ’04, Phil Parker ΣΤ’08 and I (as well as our girlfriends) rented an RV and drove it from Boston to State College, PA for a fun-filled weekend with Sigma Triton alumni and undergraduates. This experience motivated me to purchase my own RV and remain on staff for an additional year as a traveling consultant. Having the RV allows for my girlfriend, Becca, and our dog, Rae, to join me on the road. We hope to see you at some point during our travels!

Mike Houlihan
Sigma Triton ’09 (Penn State)
Charge Consultant, Director of Charge Operations (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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